Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Werth, Tracy Returning Soon

This was the scene last time Werth, above, was on the field with the Nats. (Photo:

Outfielder Jayson Werth and pinch hit specialist Chad Tracy are both nearing their returns to major leagues. Werth has been out with a broken wrist and Tracy has been out due to a sports hernia.

Right now, both are on the rehab trail in Triple A Syracuse and playing well for the Nationals affiliate. After starting cold, Werth is beginning to find his swing and Tracy has been hitting .333 with five RBI and a home run on his rehab trail.

Personally, I am more excited for the return of Chad Tracy. Tracy is STILL in second place in the majors with nine RBI. He is an electric and reliable bat off the bench and he will certainly have an impact.

Unfortunately, when Werth returns the Nationals will have a tough decision to make. Do they sit Roger Bernadina who's been swinging a hot bat for somebody coming of off wrist surgery? The answer is obviously going to be yes, but the Nationals should take a good hard look at things before they pull the plug on Bernadina.

When said at the beginning of this post that both are expected to return "soon"...I really mean "soon". As in, the end of this week. Both have progressed very well and I fully anticipate them to be in the line-up on Friday or Saturday.

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Source: Nats Insider