Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nats Sign Suzuki

The Nationals recently acquired the services of A's catcher Curt Suzuki. I have to say...I love that move.

Suzuki adds some much needed depth to the catcher position for the Nationals. With Wilson Ramos gone, the Nationals had been reduced to relying on the not always reliable Jesus Flores and Sandy Leon.

While Flores and Leon can get the job done, I have always thought, and said, that they are not good enough to start on most other MLB teams. They are solid backups, yes, but not everyday starters.

However, the addition of Curt Suzuki, which GM Mike Rizzo said was not made to get a "rental player", changes everything for Leon and Flores. Following next season springs training, I wouldn't be surprised if they find themselves on a plane to Syracuse or Harrisburg (the Nationals minor league affiliates).

Ramos and Suzuki are both starting catchers and have been for some time. Suzuki brings some experience to the position that the Nationals lose when Flores isn't in the line-up. What's better, is that Suzuki has experience with one of the Nationals ace, Gio Gonzalez. Since Flores likely won't return this season, Suzuki is getting time in with the rest of the Nationals line-up.

The addition of Curt Suzuki sures up one of, if not the, weakest parts of the Nationals roster. Ever since Ramos went down, the catcher has been a position of worry and dread for both Nationals fans and the Nationals (even though they may not admit it).

I love the addition of Curt Suzuki. He brings experience and depth to a position that has been lacking just that this season. When he and Wilson Ramos team up and takeover the position next season, the Nationals will have one less thing to worry about.