Sunday, August 19, 2012

Notes and Observations: Preseason Week 2

Robert Griffin III, above, scrambles on a pass play. (Photo:
Well, last night proved to be tough for the Redskins in the first half. Sure, they came back in the second half. But, the second half most consists of guys that won't play very much for either team. When it comes to preseason games, it's all about the first half. And for the Redskins...they lost big time. Here are a few things I noticed during last nights 33-31 loss against the Chicago Bears.

Alfred Morris is the Real Deal
The Redskins appear to have gotten quite a steal in this years draft. Rookie running back Alfred Morris was drafted out of FAU in the sixth round and he has turned into quite the back for the Redskins. In their first preseason game, Morris played in the second half and was an absolute work horse. He had 15 carries for 54 yards. Last night, he ran with the first teamers and really shined. He had 10 carries for 34 yards including a 21 yard burst on the first play. He's got great footwork and has a good first cut. He's used to playing with a below-average offensive line. At FAU, his junior and senior year lines were pathetic. Due to that, he's learned the art of the quick decision and finding the cut back lanes. Like last year, the Redskins managed to snag a good running back in the late rounds

RG3 Became A Rookie
He was terrible. But, he wasn't as great as he was against the Bills, either. Robert Griffin III simply looked like a rookie quarterback. He finally went up against a decent pass rush and last night was a true test of his CURRENT skill. He was sacked three times and there were a couple times when he could have stood in the pocket a touch longer (in other words, he almost became run first over pass first). He also learned his lesson in the second quarter when tried to run away from a Bears defensive end (they're faster in the NFL). But, like all rookie quarterbacks, he had his share of good moments. There were a few times where he stood in the pocket and delivered a perfect pass down field. He also used his feet and picked up a first down. All in all, I'm pleased with his performance last night. It was a learning experience and that's a good thing.

The Secondary
Like I said at the beginning of this post, last night was a much better test than the Bills. One main reason, the Bears have a legitimate passing attack. The secondary went up against the Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery and failed with flying colors. In the first half alone, they allowed well over 150 yards passing. Jay Cutler tore them apart. They got beat deep, middle, and short. Simply put, last night proved that the Redskins secondary has a VERY long way to go. They will still be the weakest point on the ENTIRE team.

Who's More Famous: The Players vs The Trainers
I saw the Redskins athletic trainers show up way to much last night. First it was Brian Orakpo when he injured his shoulder trying to tackle Devin Hester. Then it was Brandon Meriweather when he tried to tackle Michael Bush on his way to the endzone (a fat man fell on his knee). Then, in the second half, Dejon Gomes went down. The status of those three players remains to be seen. One things for sure, however, the Redskins can't afford to lost any of those players.

I'm probably correct when I say that mostly all of you are enraged that I didn't include Kirk Cousins in this post. Why should I? He played well against the second and third stringers. Are you really going crazy over a BACK-UP quarterback? Come on, people.

The Redskins took a very tough test last night in Chicago and it really showed their weaknesses. Overall, they had some high points, but mostly low. They have a lot of things to work on before the season begins.

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