Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nats Stay Quiet at Deadline

The Nationals quite possibly made the best move at the trade deadline yesterday: nothing.

Hey! If it ain't broke, don't fix it! And that's exactly the approach that the Nationals took. While the rest of the MLB world was playing "Let's Make a Deal", the Nationals sat back and watched. As they should have.

The Nationals, with the team they currently have, own the best record in baseball. They didn't trade for anybody in the process. They simply stuck with what they had and made it work.

The Nationals have a darn near complete team. Once Jayson Werth returns, which should be soon, it will be Werth-Morse-Harper in the outfield. To me, that's a pretty impressive outfield. Three good defenders and three big bats. That's exactly what you need.

Let's look at the infield.

Adam LaRoche will be playing first base if his back allows him (which it should). He's been one of the Nationals biggest bats this season and I don't expect that to change.

Danny Espinosa will slide over to second base once Ian Desmond returns in mid-August, but for now, Steve Lombardozzi is claiming that position. He's been a sensational lead-off hitter and has played great in the field.

Danny Espinosa is holding his own at shortstop. It's obvious that second base is his better position, but the Nationals don't lose much on defense without Desmond out there. Once Desmond does return, the Nationals line-up will only get that much more stacked.

Ryan Zimmerman, well...what can I say? He's a Gold Glover and he's playing like hit. He's swinging a hot bat and playing great defense. The "Face of the Franchise" is playing like...well...the "Face of the Franchise".

The Nationals pitching staff has been the best in baseball since the season began. All five starters are good for 6-7 innings every night. Yes, some starts have been better than others, but this rotation is still the best in baseball and one of the best rotations of this decade.

The only place that the Nationals could have improved on was at catcher. With Wilson Ramos out, Jesus Flores and Sandy Leon have been the two catchers for the Nationals. While both get the job done, their not starters for years to come. Both are good enough to be the second string catcher on any other big league club.

Even with the lack of talent at catcher, the Nationals are sitting pretty roster wise for the rest of the season. They stayed quiet at the trade deadline and that's okay. Like I said above, if it ain't broke...don't fix it.

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