Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nene Hurt in Olympics

What is the worst thing about NBA players playing in the Olympics? The injury risk. And Wizards forward Nene has been bit by the injury bug.

Following Brazil's win over Australia, Nene was walking with a slight limp. His plantar fasciitis has once again flared up once again.

Nene is going to play through the injury, unfortunately. This is the same injury that limited him at the end of this past NBA season.

The worst part is, it won't have a chance to heal. Nene is going to finish the Olympics and nobody knows how long that could take. The Brazilian team could make a run into the medal rounds and that means that Nene will be battling the injury for at least two more weeks.

If this continues, there is doubt as to whether or not he will be ready for Wizards training camp. But, playing through the pain and not giving his foot a chance to heal certainly won't improve his chances on joining the Wizards on time for training camp.

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Source: Washington Post