Thursday, September 6, 2012

Burnett Down Till Weekend

Earlier this week, Nationals closer and setup man Sean Burnett was shutdown due to discomfort in his throwing elbow. Yesterday, the Nationals stated that he will not throw until the weekend at the earliest.

Burnett has been feeling the discomfort since around the All-Star break and the Nationals just recently sat him down. In their defense, elbow discomfort could just be from pitching night after night. Now, however, the discomfort must be inhibiting ability to pitch (obviously).

Burnett has been prescribed an anti-inflammatory mediaction and if the medicine does not do the trick, the Nationals could schedule for him to get an MRI done. As of right now, that does not appear to be the plan of action.

Burnett has appeared in 61 games this season and has pitched 50.2 innings. He has a 1.18 WHIP and an ERA of 2.49. He has 2 saves, 27 holds, and 50 strikeouts. Burnett has been primarily used in a setup role for closer Tyler Clippard. The two have combined to put the Nationals bullpen amongst the best in the MLB.

It's better for Burnett to take it easy now, rather than rush back. He is going to be a crucial part for the Nationals pitching staff come the postseason.

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Source: Washington Times