Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Controversy in DC?

No. It's not about who's going to start at quarterback. Nope! It's not about whether or not Mike Shanahan is going to be fired in the near future. And no. It's not about a scandal in which the NFL will suspend another Redskin's player.

It's actually got everything to do with the depth chart and the positions of wide receiver and running back.

Let's start with wide receiver. On the depth chart, Pierre Garcon is listed as the starting receiver, as expected, but Josh Morgan is listed ahead of Leonard Hankerson. Morgan is second, Hankerson is third, and Santana Moss is fourth on the Redskins depth chart. A lot of people think that there is a controversy there, or at least an error, because many think that Hankerson is better than Morgan.

I can honestly tell you that it doesn't matter. A depth chart is just one of those things now-a-days that experts and analysts with nothing to do can analyze. The only spot on the depth chart that matters is number one and that is Pierre Garcon. He will be on the field no matter what on every snap. Morgan, Hankerson, and Moss will all rotate in at the number two receiver. There is no single back up wide receiver.

Simply put, don't read into it too much. Morgan, Hankerson, and Moss are the three back up receivers on the Redskins. They'll all see the playing field and will simply be working in a rotation. It's no big deal.

Now onto running back. On the depth chart, Evan Royster is listed as the starting running back with Roy Helu Jr. in second and Alfred Morris in third. But, all three of them have been adamant in stating that they don't know who's going to start and Mike Shanahan has said that he doesn't know who's going start in five days against the Saints.

Once again, the only controversy is the one that you make. The Redskins have a great situation at running back. They have three running backs and all three could end up being the starter in five days. Royster, Helu, and Morris will all most likely play at some point on Sunday. Who will be the starter is a bit irrelevant.

Depth charts are becoming obsolete, in my opinion, in the NFL these days. With the different strategies, packages, and formations that teams run, depth almost become nothing more than a list of players that will most likely play. Teams have different player packages for different situations throughout the game. Every player on the depth chart could end up playing. The only position on it that matters is quarterback.

So really, I guess, there is no controversy in D.C. Unless...you want there to be one...but there honestly isn't one. All the players in questions will see the field. Some will just see it sooner than others. Don't read into the depth chart. It's bad for your health (and it's my job!!).

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