Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Capitals Wolski Heads Overseas

Capitals forward Wojtek Wolski has joined Alex Ovechkin, Brooks Laich, Michal Neuvirth Joey Crabb as Capitals players that have gone overseas. Chuck Gormely has the full report here.

Wolski has signed with Ciarko PBS Bank KH Sanok of the Polish league earlier this week. Like most other NHL players to go overseas, one would be wise to think that there is a clause in his contract allowing him to return to the NHL in the event that the lockout ends. Wolski was signed to a one-year contract shortly before summer ended.

However, that won't happen anytime soon. The NHL has canceled games through October 24th. That means that a total of 81 games have been canceled. For the Capitals, that makes seven games canceled. For more on that story, check out Chuck Gormely's post.

Simply put, the NHL and NHLPA are too far apart on how to split the revenue. The owners want more than the 43 percent they got with the last collective bargaining and the players aren't willing to budge on the 57 percent that they had.

Unfortunately, we could be in the beginning stages of the second full season NHL lockout in the past decade and third for current commissioner Gary Bettman.

How do you think the NHL should solve it's lockout? What deal do you propose? Leave a comment below with your thoughts to start the debate!

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Source: CSN Washington