Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NHL Labor Talks Resume

Just a day past the one month mark in the lockout, the NHL and the NHL Players Association (NHLPA) are set to meet for yet another session of negotiations. The LA Times has the full report here.

In the last set of negotiations, which was last week, not much progress was made. When it comes to the core reason for the lockout, revenue sharing, neither side has yet to budge on it's stance.

What is expected to happen in today's talks will be to discuss player safety and drug testing. In the article, it brings up an interesting point. It says that if both sides can start to come to agreements on small, but important, issues then maybe that will help break the ice and further negotiations will follow after.

Unfortunately, the article goes on to say that neither side has done much budging on its position for the little topics so it doesn't "appear to be weak". Come on...seriously?

The NHL and NHLPA need to see the big picture. If both sides don't loosen up a little and start compromising then it won't matter which side is stronger if there is no sport, anyways. Many of the NHL's top stars have headed overseas and I'm sure most of them don't see a problem with playing out their careers with their current overseas teams.

Expect more games to be canceled in the coming weeks. It seems that little to no progress has been made and won't be made anytime soon. Most experts think that this lockout will last into December. At their current pace, it wouldn't surprise me if it lasts into 2013.

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Source: LA Times