Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Garcon To Miss More Time

After an MRI today revealed inflammation in a capsule under his second toe in his right foot, Mike Shanahan said today that wide receiver Pierre Garcon will be missing more time. Mike Jones has more here.

After a fast start to the season, four catches for 109 yards and a touchdown against the Saints, Garcon has had troubles staying on the field. And when he is on the field, he doesn't have much of an impact. In the other two games he has appeared in, he's got four catches for 44 yards.

Garcon was supposed to be Robert Griffin III's biggest weapon. The receiver was signed to a multi-year multi-million dollar deal and has only appeared in three of the Redskins first six games and he will likely miss at least one more.

According to the report, there are some that believe this is a pain tolerance issue above anything else. Garcon went full speed in practice Wednesday and Thursday before being limited in practice last Friday. He was then ruled out of the game during pregame Sunday.

Hopefully, Garcon doesn't get added to the list of multi-million dollar players that the Redskins have signed and have fallen flat due to injury or anything else. Personally,  I don't see that happening.

Unless this inflammation permanently affects his ability to run, Garcon should be fine once this heals and the pain goes away. He's got great speed and we know he is capable of big things just based off of preseason and week one against the Saints.

His poor performances in weeks four and five could be ruled out due to the injury. The pain in his foot may have hampered his ability to be effective in the Redskins passing attack.

In the absence of Garcon, the Redskins will continue to look to Josh Morgan, Santana Moss, Leonard Hankerson, and Fred Davis. The Redskins added an interesting little wrinkle to their offense when it comes to Davis. They lined him up on the edge as a receiver and against a much smaller cornerback.

Instead of running deep, Davis used his big body in the short-to-intermediate passing game to get open against man coverage. Davis was much bigger than the Vikings corners so they had all sort of trouble covering him.

The Redskins should be just fine without Garcon. To be quite honest, they haven't really had him much since he's been out with injury. They have figured out a way to play without. Morgan, Moss, Hankerson, and Davis have been good enough targets for Griffin.

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