Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Redskins to Try Out Kickers

 Neil Rackers
Neil Rackers, #1, will not (should) be at Redskins kicker tryouts today. (Photo: Keith Allison)
Today, Billy Cundiff will lose his job. His very short, and very wide left/right tenure with the Washington Redskins is expected to come to an end. The Redskins will be trying out Olindo Mare, Josh Brown, and Kai Forbath for the position of kicker. Mike Jones has the full report here.

The Redskins gave Cundiff the old slap on the wrist after missing three field goals, and then hitting the game winner, against the Buccaneers. After missing one from 31 yards away against the Falcons, however, the Redskins are ready to move on.

Cundiff's replacement will likely come down to three players: Olindo Mare, Josh Brown, and Kai Forbath. All have been in the NFL for at least nine years. Mare has been in the league for 15 years.

It is possible that the Redskins keep Cundiff if neither of the three impress the coaches enough to sign them. But, then again, they could just go out and sign someone else all together (*cough* Neil Rackers *cough*).

At any rate, people have claimed that quarterback controversy's have been a huge part of the Redskins for the better part of the past ten years. I say, however, that kicking has been the main controversy in D.C.

Whether it's Shaun Suisham missing an icer against the Saints, or Graham Gano...being Graham Gano, or Nick Novak sending fans home sobbing, it's not the quarterbacks that have proven to be the most difficult position to figure out.

I predict that the Redskins will have a new place kicker by the end of the day. After the past two games, I would be shocked if the Redskins held onto Cundiff. Will it be Mare, Brown, or Forbath? I'm not sure. The Redskins could go in a different direction all together and bring back one of their former kickers...*cough* Neil Rackers *cough*.

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Source: Washington Post