Friday, October 26, 2012

Garcon Needs Surgery?

 Pierre Garcon
Garcon, above, has played in just three games this season. (Photo: Keith Allison)
Hopefully not. But, Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon was told by a foot specialist that he may need surgery to repair the plantar-plate tear in his right second toe. The Washington Post has more.

Garcon first suffered the injury against the New Orleans Saints. After posting 109 yards and a touchdown, the Redskins off-season acquisition had to sit for most of the game with the foot injury. He reappeared in weeks four and five, but failed to post the numbers that he did against the Saints due to his foot.

After getting an MRI, it was revealed that Garcon had injured his right second toe and was more serious than once thought. Prior to the MRI, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan said that the pain could be all mental, but it should still be checked out.

Garcon now has two options: he could undergo surgery to repair his toe and miss the season or take full rest and wait for it to heal 100%. If Garcon goes the full-rest route, he could still have to go under-the-knife following the season.

The biggest problem that Garcon says stems from this injury is his explosion. He has trouble pushing off of it and exploding off the line. He can run straight line, as well, but has troubles cutting and going side-to-side. For the receiver position, those are some key characteristics that he must be good at if he wants to make a difference.

For now, Garcon will be sidelined while they wait to let his toe heal. Garcon, his agent, and the Redskins have said that they don't want to go the surgery route as that will cost him his season.

Before you go crazy and call Garcon another "bust", remember that we know what he's capable of. He and quarterback Robert Griffin III had quite the chemistry prior to Garcons injury. Garcon is a good receiver and can really make a difference in this offense. In the few glimpses we've had of him at 100 percent health, he has been a standout receiver and the one the Redskins hoped they signed.

Garcon has unfortunately been bitten by the injury bug. This is one of those weird injuries that seems to be nagging and in order for it to heal completely without surgery, Garcon is going to have to be off of it for a while.

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Source: Washington Post