Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wizards Fall to Cavs 94-84

For the first few weeks of the season, or from now until John Wall comes back, don't look too deeply at what the Wizards are doing on the court. Once they get their two key players back, things will improve.

Last night against the Cavaliers was a bit of a let down for Wizards fans alike. Bradley Beal scored all eight of his points in the first half and Cavaliers big man Anderson Varejao dominated the paint collecting 23 rebounds and scoring nine points and dishing out nine assists.

The front court of Beal, Jordan Crawford, and AJ Price had their moments of glory and their moments we'd all rather forget. Overall, I thought that AJ Price did a decent job of directing the offense. However, he is no John Wall and that is something that needs to be kept in mind.

Crawford came off the bench and scored a team high 11 points for the Wizards as well as dishing out five assists. Having Bradley Beal and AJ Price on the floor took some of the focus off of Crawford and allowed him to make some plays.

The Wizards were out-rebounded 54-39 by the Cavaliers and that can be attributed to the absence of Nene. The Wizards top two rebounders, Emeka Okafor (7) and Earl Barron (8) combined didn't add up to the same number of rebounds that Anderson Varejao (23) had. With Nene on the floor, the Wizards would have a bit more fight under the basket and could have come away with more rebounds and more second-chance points.

The biggest problem for the Wizards was shooting the three-point shot. The Wizards shot just 25 percent (8-32) from behind the arc. Only three players, Price, Ariza, and Beal, made multiple three points (two each).

So before you put the Wizards down as one of the worst teams in the league, remember that they are missing their best big man presence, Nene, and the leader of their offense and team, John Wall. When those two return, the level of play should get better and they might be able to keep up with teams down the stretch (instead of blowing it at the end like last night).

Question: After watching last nights game, how do you think the Wizards will fare this season?

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