Friday, October 5, 2012

League Leading Nats

While the Washington Nationals locked up the best record and home field advantage in the National League, some other players topped the charts in other categories. Let's take a look!

Most Wins (NL/MLB): Gio Gonzalez
Gio Gonzalez had a season certainly worthy of a Cy Young. The Nationals ace won 21 games and lost just eight. He finished the regular season with an ERA of 2.18 and fanned 207 batters. In 199.1 innings pitched, Gonzalez finished with a Walks, Hits per Innings Pitched (WHIP) rating of 1.13. Opposing batters struggled mightily against him and had an average of just .206.

Least Amount Of Hits Allowed (NL): Gio Gonzalez
Yet another impressive stat that aids his candidacy for the Cy Young Award, Gonzalez allowed just 149 hits over 199.1 innings. He allowed 11 hits less than Edison Volquez.

Least Runs Allowed (NL): Gio Gonzalez and Jordan Zimmermann
Zimmermann and Gonzalez both tied for tops in this category with 69 runs given up. Of those 69 runs, 64 of the runs were earned. That ties them for first in that category with Clayton Kershaw, as well.

Most Strikeouts (NL): Danny Espinosa
Poor Danny had a rough year at the plate. It started off well, however, as he was near the top of the charts in walks drawn to start the season. However, the old Danny returned as we moved through the season and he finished the season with an NL high 189 strikeouts.

Most Runs Scored by Rookie (NL): Bryce Harper
Who else but the run generating man himself? Harper scored 98 runs for the Nationals this season to lead all rookies in the National League by at least 15. Harper is most certainly in the running for Rookie of the Year after the sensational season that he had.

Most Triples by Rookie (NL/MLB): Bryce Harper
It could have been an infield hit and Harper would have tried to stretch it into a double. If he hit a bloop double into right field he would then try to stretch it into a triple. Harper led all rookies this season with nine triples.

Most Strikeouts by Rookie (NL): Bryce Harper
With great power comes great responsibility. Harper is going to have to learn when to take pitches and when to swing at them. He led all rookies with 120 strikeouts. Toward the end of the season, he started to get more patient in his at-bats, but he will still need to work on that in order to improve for next season.

The Nationals had a lot of great things happen this regular season. Adam LaRoche broke the 100 RBI barrier and Gio Gonzalez led the MLB in wins. As the Nationals head into the post-season, the Nationals will look to continue their winnings ways all the way to the World Series.

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