Monday, July 30, 2012

LaRoche Day-to-Day

Adam LaRoche's back will be reevaluated on Tuesday. For now, he will sit on the bench. He may make an appearance as a pinch hitter, but I doubt it. He'll be a last resort.

LaRoche left Sundays game due to back tightness. Following yesterdays game, team doctors told him that it was a muscular issue. It has been bothering LaRoche for a few days. Now, it's finally getting some time to recover.

Back tightness for a baseball player really isn't that uncommon. They spend much of a game hunched over in the ready position waiting for the play. For first basemen, they stretch all over the place trying to field balls and catch balls thrown to them. Their backs are likely to feel a little stiff. Another place where the back might get stiff is at the plate. While LaRoche's pre-pitch stance is open and straight up, he does coil up (like most batters) while the ball is on it's way. That constant tightening/coiling will take it's toll on the back.

LaRoche will be reevaluated on Tuesday and he will probably sit today's game. I don't expect him to miss much time. He may just need a good back massage to loosen up his back.

In the mean time, Tyler Moore will most likely get the nod to start at first base. The Nationals won't be losing much with LaRoche out. Just experience. Tyler Moore is a rookie in the MLB, but he's got incredible power and does well in the field.

LaRoche is listed as day-to-day.

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Source: Washington Times