Friday, July 6, 2012

Satoransky Says No To Summer League

Satoransky, above, wants to stay in Europe. (Photo:
Washington Wizards second round draft pick Tomas Satoransky stated that he does not want to participate in the Wizards Las Vegas Summer League program. It is a program where many young players go so they can continue to gain experience and improve their skills.

The fact that Satoransky doesn't want to participate shouldn't be that surprising. The Wizards have already said that the 6'7" shooting guard won't be with the team for at least another two years. They want him to stay with his Euro League team in the Czech Republic to continue to grow.

However, the Wizards did hope that he would participate in the Las Vegas Summer League program so he could begin playing against NBA level talent and alongside who could be his future teammates.

In return, Satoransky said that he would like to practice and play alongside his Czech Republic teammates so they can improve and get better as a team. Sounds reasonable.

Don't read into Satoransky not wanting to play summer league ball too much. He's not expected to arrive in the states for another two years. The best thing for him right now would be to stay with his Euro League team and compete there.

The Wizards drafted him in the second round of this years draft. I saw that pick as a bit of a surprise. Satoransky is a great passer and can really rack up the assists, but his shooting ability is less than impressive when compared to other NBA players.

He's got a lot to learn and a lot to improve on. I don't see him ever starting over John Wall or Bradley Beal. He'll be an excellent replacement when Wall or Beal needs a breather.

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