Monday, July 16, 2012

Let's Make A Deal!!

RG3, above, wants to sign today. (Photo:
Today is the day that Redskins first round draft pick Robert Griffin III declared would be when he and the Redskins would make a deal. The watch is on as we wait for the news.

Last we checked, the reason that Griffin hasn't been signed is due to offset language in the four year contract.

Offset language? Allow me to explain...

What "offset language" is referring to is how much of Griffin's contract the team would be responsible for should he be released and sign elsewhere in the next four seasons. ($$$$$)

The likelihood of him being released in the next four seasons is about as high as Dan Snyder selling the team in the next four seasons. It's not happening.

So what's the hold up?

A deal really should be reached today. The length has been finalized, the dollar amounts appear to be finalized, now everyone wants a "just in case" clause in the contract.

The last thing Robert Griffin III wants to do is go into a holdout. By signing on the dotted line today, he will avoid just that.

Nobody knows for sure when RG3 will sign his contract. Most likely, it will get done by today. This whole "offset language" hints that they are pretty much done figuring out the rest of the contract.

Keep an eye on The Skinny, folks, you never know when this story might break.

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