Thursday, July 5, 2012

Paul Transitioning to TE "Smoothly"

Paul, above, is learning the tight end spot very well. (Photo:
Washington Redskins wide receiver Niles Paul is changing his position from wide receiver to tight end. With the abundance of wide receivers currently on the team, both sides, the Redskins and Paul, felt it would be the best for him to make the change.

Standing at 6'1" and weighing 224 pounds, Paul isn't your typical tight end. He doesn't quite have the size or strength that you necessarily look for. Due to that, he will find that his biggest weakness is blocking.

The Redskins do have Fred Davis, however, who is a typical type NFL tight end. He's got the size and strength that teams look for in a tight end. Look for Davis to be in on most of the running plays.

Paul will be an excellent match-up that can be exploited in the passing game. He will be able to out run most of the linebackers that will be covering him. However, don't expect to see him more than Davis. Paul will most likely be used in two tight end formations and he is expected to see a majority of his time on special teams.

"The biggest challenge is blocking," Paul said in an interview with Chris Russell. "Especially the combo blocks and the cut blocks." Paul did say that he feels the transition to tight end is going as "smooth as it can."

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