Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wizards Amnestying Blatche?

The feud between the Wizards and forward/center Andray Blatche could be coming to an end...very soon...and very abruptly.

Last night, it was reported that the Wizards are leaning toward using the amnesty clause on the once highly touted and feared Blatche.

The amnesty clause sounds a little confusing, right? Please! Allow me...

The amnesty clause simply means that a team can release a player and wipe his salary completely from the books. All money owed to him is eliminated and the contract simply disappears. The league issues an allotted time frame for teams to use the clause and teams can only use it once.

For example, if a team has a total payroll of $50 million and has a player that is not producing but has a contract of $20 million, they can use the amnesty clause to wipe him from the roster and they don't owe him a penny. So their annual payroll immediately drops to $30 million.

Does that make any sense? Good!

That is what the Wizards are thinking about doing with Andray Blatche. A few years ago, Blatche was worth the multi-million dollar contract that he was given. This season, Blatche is set to make $6.4 million this season.

Ever since signing his big money, long term contract, Blatche hasn't been the player that the Wizards are paying for. Last season, he only appeared in 26 games of the already shortened season. He started just 13 of those games.

Blatche was supposed to fill the playmaker role that was left open when Gilbert Arenas left town guns blazing. He ended up just turning into a nuisance that has a problem with everybody. Whether it's his teammates, the head coach, or even the fans, Blatche has a problem with everybody and it's obvious that he's not happy.

For a strictly team morale thing, the Wizards should do whatever it takes to wipe their hands clean of Andray Blatche. He's been a problem ever since he got his multi-year, multi-million dollar contract. I don't think we'll ever see the days of him averaging nearly a double-double night in and night out.

If the Wizards decide to amnesty Blatche, it would certainly be a brilliant move and I don't think very many people would oppose of it. The moody, angry, and unproductive forward/center brings down the whole team and is just a pretty expensive bench warmer.

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Source: Washington Post