Friday, July 27, 2012

So Long, Semin!

The saga of "what will happen to Alexander Semin?" has finally come to an end. For Capitals fans, it may not be the ending that most of them wanted.

Yesterday, the winger signed a one-year, $7 million contract with the Carolina Hurricanes. This is the second straight year in which he signed a one-year contract. Semin was inked to a $6.7 million deal to play for the Capitals this past season.

You know what I say? Good riddance.

Semin is coming off of one the worst years in his hockey history. Whether it was poor performance on the ice or calling out his teammates off of it, it was just bad and he was a distraction more than anything.

He only scored 21 goals and tallied just 33 assists in 77 games. While Semin matched a career-high in games played, he recorded his lowest goals and assists numbers since 2005.

It's sad, too. Semin has a lot of potential. Remember when he and Ovi played on the same line and would toy with the opponents defense and goaltender and just score with ease? You have to think back real hard don't you! Yeah...those days are long gone.

Resigning Semin would have just cost the Capitals too much money that they don't need to spend. The Capitals, while replacing Semin will be a tall order, are making the necessary moves to stay competitive for years to come.

They've added depth to their farm system and have added a few players that will be in the NHL for years to come. They are doing the best with what they got and what they have really isn't that bad.

Don't worry about the Capitals losing Alexander Semin. While, when he's on, his game is better than a lot of other wingers in the NHL, he can be a bit of a distraction. It's time to move on. As for Mr. Semin...

See you on December 1st, Alexander.

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