Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Redskins, RG3 Close To A Deal

The Washington Redskins first round pick in the this years draft, Robert Griffin III, has yet to sign his contract making him an official player for the Redskins. However, the rookie quarterback said that he will "hopefully" sign by Monday, July 16th.

The Redskins and Griffins agent have been negotiating for a while now. Until Griffin signs his contract, he won't be allowed to participate in team activities starting this Monday at Redskins Park.

An interesting wrinkle into this story is the fact that Andrew Luck hasn't signed yet. It wouldn't be that surprising if Griffins agent is waiting to see what the Colts give Luck.

Griffin has said that he is "not trying to hold out" and miss training camp due to this contract dispute.

There are no clear signs on how far apart the two sides are on a deal. Although Griffins attitude is positive, depending on what Luck signs for, things could either fall right into place or come apart in a dramatic turn.

The wait continues for the Redskins and Robert Griffin III. Hopefully, the Redskins and their very coveted new quarterback can reach a deal by Griffins Monday, July 16th goal.

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Source: Washington Post