Thursday, July 12, 2012

Should the Redskins Get Gordon?

Morgan, above, played with Robert Griffin III at Baylor. (Photo:
No. Absolutley not. Why? What does he bring to the table? Don't act like you know. You have no idea. He hasn't played a down of football in over a year.

I'm talking about Josh Gordon. The wide reciever from Baylor/Utah is eligible for selection in todays NFL Supplemental Draft. Many experts don't think the Redskins are in any contention for the wide receiver. Robert Griffin III, however, is reportedly trying to push the Redskins front office into drafting him.

Trying to draft Josh Gordon would be an absolute mistake. It would be a waste of time. The Redskins cashed out this offseason when they signed receivers Josh Morgan and Pierre Garcon. It makes no sense to even bother with Gordon.

Gordon hasn't played a down of football in over a year. Sure, he was measured at 6'4" and weighed in at 224 pounds and runs a decent 4.52 40, but that doesn't mean he's the real deal. Scouts are putting too much emphasis on his combine drills. His true colors will show when the pads are put on.

Another reason why he has gained so much attention in the past month is that there is really nothing else to do for NFL teams front office executives. There are no mini-camps. There are no college scouting opportunities. The only thing that's going on is team bonding and conditioning sessions.

Taking a shot in the dark at an unproven rookie is well...a rookie mistake. He's been off the field for too long and who knows what kind of shock he'll get when he returns. He won't be returning to the NCAA, he'll be making his comeback in the much faster NFL.

I don't expect the Redskins to even blink an eye at Josh Gordon. The smart money says that the Browns will go after him and I think that's a wise prediction.

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