Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Satoransky to Stay In Europe

Satoransky, above, will play in Europe this year. (Photo: weei.com)
As expected, Wizards second round draft pick Tomas Satoransky will remain in Europe this coming season to play with his Euro League team. Unless he showed something incredible in Las Vegas, this was always the plan for the guard.

Satoransky did show off his ability to pass the ball. He made excellent behind the back passes here and there and was able to find the open man on the perimeter when he drove to the basket. However, his shooting could improve and that is a big thing the Wizards are looking for him to do when he returns to Europe.

In reality, the Wizards don't expect to see Satoransky in a Wizards uniform for another two years. They want him to remain in Europe to work on his shooting and improve his already somewhat impressive passing ability.

Many, including me, are still puzzled as to why the Wizards would select a player that they knew would not be good enough to play right away. To me, it seems like they wasted another pick on another over-rated player from the Czech Republic (*cough cough* Jan Vesely).

The Wizards must have seen some amazing potential in him in order to be able to wait two years like the original plan is. Hopefully, Satoransky can improve on his scoring abilities and work on that jump shot and improve his ability to put the ball on the floor. His passing skills are on par with the NBA, the rest of his game, however, has room for improvement.

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Source: Washington Post